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Sharing my tips for getting the job you want from a position of HR
Sharing with you my steps for developing and growing your business
Wonderful experiences fairytale Vail has to offer
Sharing my list of reasons to love Santa Monica, other than year-round warm weather and impeccable long coastline
I was lucky to travel around Europe with my best friend, and create so many memorable moments together. We shared lots of laughter, enjoyed our lunches and wine, and had tons of fun. I'm sharing my Top 3 Experiences.
Sharing our dream with you...
Maui is not only an island of great adventure and intact nature, but of amazing food as well. I'm sharing my top 3 restaurants, all very hard to get into, so book well in advance.
Motherhood IS challenging, mom-guilt IS real, and YES we are only human! Sharing the 5 steps I would've been lost without in the first couple of months with my baby.
There are so many options when booking a vacation, and they're all exciting. I'm sharing my reasons to book an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic with pictures and details about our choice.
I had no idea what to expect during pregnancy, labor or post-partum. I am sharing my story so other women can be better prepared, although I wish an easy and quick process to every single one!
Tips for Self-Quarantine that will not only help the time pass, but will also have you come out as a better version of yourself once Covid19 has passed
Our Honeymoon in Couple's Paradise of Maui was pure perfection! I'm sharing our story with you :)
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