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Sharing my tips for getting the job you want from a position of HR
Sharing with you my steps for developing and growing your business
Sharing our dream with you...
Motherhood IS challenging, mom-guilt IS real, and YES we are only human! Sharing the 5 steps I would've been lost without in the first couple of months with my baby.
I had no idea what to expect during pregnancy, labor or post-partum. I am sharing my story so other women can be better prepared, although I wish an easy and quick process to every single one!
Tips for Self-Quarantine that will not only help the time pass, but will also have you come out as a better version of yourself once Covid19 has passed
Tom Ford fragrance specialist taught me how to layer these fragrances and create my own signature scent. I'm sharing my experience with you.
When it comes to skincare, there aren’t many new brands that I try on and I’m immediately in love, but Shiseido!
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